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Solo, or Partner?

We offer the Tie Me Up class in both a solo participant version, and a partners version!  They are separate classes. 


Solo classes, you will learn self tie techniques.  you will not practice on other particpants. 


Partners class you will bring your own partner and practice on each other!  

Private - Contact us directly for private classes starting at $299.


These are intro level classes, but open to everyone new and seasoned!  Classes are 21+ Only.

Become a VIP member, and get 20% off all classes for the year!!

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Tie Me Up 101
Ropes for
fun and fashion

Tie Me Up?

Our class delves into the art of rope tying, inspired by the Shibari style! Learn some the basics of this captivating technique, as we apply them for fashion, and also to add an element of sensuality and empowerment to your intimate experiences. Join us for an unforgettable evening learning journey that will leave you with newfound knowledge, confidence, and a world of pleasure at your fingertips. Sign up today and unlock the secrets to a more fulfilling and adventurous intimate life at Bare Heart Nights.

*Note: This class covers the basics! No suspension or any crazy complicated or dangerous techniques.  This is a beginners class, that will be light, and fun:)

Included in "Tie Me Up 101":

  • 90 Minute Class Experience

  • Complimentary Glass of Wine, or Non-Alcoholic Beverage

  • Live Practice of Basic Building Knots

  • Learn the basics to create your own harnesses!

  • Learn Safety and Applications

  • Bare Heart Practice Rope, yours to take home!

  • Bare Heart Surprise Gift Bag

  • BONUS-  At the last part of class, learn about Bare Heart's Favorite intimate play products- A Complimentary Show and Tell! (Product selection will change periodically)

  • Products will be available for purchase

Tie Me Up 101 - Solo


$79 for VIP Members!

Tie Me Up 101 - Partners


$140 for VIP Members!

Knotty Ropes and Fashion, Toys, Toy making, Adult Themed Furniture, And more!  More class descriptions and sign ups- coming soon!

Check back soon for our class descriptions, schedules, and sign ups!

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