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About Us


Client Concierge, Educator,

Content Creator

Mariah (aka a professional hype girl) has been a professional in the hospitality industry her whole life.  You may also recognize her from her days in the banking community.  From being a manager at Chase, to a private client banker, she has developed the skills to offer the highest quality of service for our clients.  When not in the studio, you might find her in one of her many roles in several women's empowerment groups.  She is known for her high energy, and uplifting attitude.  Her smile and bubbly attitude is contagious, you'll see.


Photographer, Educator

Patrick has been a featured content filmmaker for companies like Ehow, Livestrong, Tyra Banks, and many more.   He has also been a paragliding and skydiving instructor and media creator for decades.  He's accustomed to catering to fearful clients, who end up having the experience of their lives.


 Some of you know us from our previous business, The Locked Inn. We created the first escape room on the Central Coast!  We've since moved on from that business (the new owner is awesome, check out at The Locked Inn), but it was clear that we were meant to work together.  And of course more recently, many of you know us from Bare Heart Boudoir!

Why Bare Heart Nights?!

We are so excited to work with you, we put our hearts in to our work, and it shows.   We're excited to bring a new way to experience adult education in a positive, inclusive, easy going style that we think has broad appeal.  After seeking out this education ourselves, we found that there was a need for an alternate education method...that in mind we are proud to present to you, Bare Heart Nights, at the Bare Heart Boudoir studio in Los Osos, CA.

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